Release Mastering Worries with Softube’s Weiss Plug-Ins


The name Weiss should spark excitement in the minds of audio engineers around the world. For more than two decades, the Weiss DS1 hardware processor has been synonymous with premium compression, limiting, and de-essing for mastering. The only problem? The $10,000 price. Thanks to Softube, the inimitable quality and versatility of the DS1-MK3 (the DS1's third iteration) is now available in plug-in form! Going beyond emulation, Softube painstakingly ported each line of code from the DS1-MK3 to create a true recreation officially licensed and endorsed by the one and only Daniel Weiss. This is not an imitation or a knock-off, this IS a Weiss.

The DS1-MK3 operates at up to 32-bit/192 kHz resolution and allows multiple instances, each with a compressor, limiter, and de-esser. The compressor offers speed unattainable by analog devices and the limiter includes three algorithms—the original Weiss and two new creations. De-essing duties are made easier via selectable filters and frequencies. The DS1-MK3's stereo channels can be linked, unlinked, or used in mid-side configuration. The selectable sidechain link, parallel compression, and safe limiter modes increase flexibility and precision while the waveform metering view provides a clear visual reference. A substantial bonus is the slew of presets from legendary mastering engineer Bob Katz, winner of multiple Grammy awards and author of "Mastering Audio," a revered source of truth for recording, mixing, and mastering engineers. Anyone familiar with a hardware DS1 will immediately feel at home; anyone new to the DS1-MK3 will quickly settle into an efficient workflow courtesy of the user-friendly control layout.


Additionally, Softube is presenting the MM-1 mastering maximizer plug-in, based upon the DS1-MK3. Designed for maximum loudness, the MM-1 utilizes algorithms identical to those found on the original. Thanks to its simple controls, you can get immediately pleasing results. Its five selectable limiting styles—transparent, loud, punch, wide, and des-ess—are complemented by knobs for limiter gain, parallel mix percentage, and the amount of processing. The idea is straightforward and effective—get in, get loud, and get out!


Whether you master your own mixes or work tirelessly mastering tracks for others, you can't go wrong incorporating Weiss quality. Stop by the B&H SuperStore or visit our website to check them out!