Rock Out with Cort G110 Series Electric Guitars


Sometimes it’s all about the look, especially if you’re a guitar player just starting out on the instrument: you might want a guitar that looks like something Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton would play, but won’t break the bank; luckily for you, we carry the Cort G110 line of electric guitars, available in black, black satin, Caribbean green, and a two-tone sunburst. However, these axes don’t just look great—they also sound the part, providing you with three single-coil pickups, configurable into five different timbres via the selector switch.

The instrument’s poplar body has been capped at a thickness of 39mm, designed with the beginner in mind. This keeps the overall weight of the slim guitar manageable without sacrificing tone. Add to that its classic double-cutaway design—providing you with easy access to the higher registers of the fingerboard—and what you have is a guitar that not only goes the sonic distance, but offers a comfortable playing experience to boot.

The neck is constructed of maple and bolted onto the body, giving you 22 frets, a rosewood fingerboard, a 12" radius, and a 25.5" scale. It sports a smooth, satin-matte finish, which helps in minimizing left-hand drag. This helps you achieve both speedier transitions and a more pleasurable feel as you wander around the neck with your fingers. So go ahead, have a look on our website: you’ll not only find these guitars wallet-friendly, but quite attractive and playable, as well. 


Since this guitar has rosewood on it, can it be delivered outside the US? To Aisa maybe?