Roland Announces a Bevy of New Products, from V-Drums to DSD Headphone Amplifiers


No one can accuse Roland of not having a diverse line of audio-related gear, and a handful of new product announcements for September are evidence of the company’s continued commitment. Ranging from electronic drums to a headphone amp and DAC, this new gear can take you from music creation to music enjoyment.

Roland has long been a go-to manufacturer of electronic V-Drums. The newly announced TD-1K kit seems to be geared toward the entry level, but not limited to it. Giving you the ability to learn how to drum without disturbing others at home, the kit boasts a beater-less kick drum and a space-saving design. Its brain gives you 15 drum kits in a variety of styles, and the pads are sophisticated enough to support cymbal chokes and advanced hi-hat playing. The kit can be upgraded with additional crash cymbals or different kick drums, as well.

Continuing with the theme of quiet rehearsals, the HS-5 Session Mixer is a 5-input mixer that can accept up to 5 instruments or microphones, while providing 5 headphone outputs for quiet monitoring. It gives you a variety of built-in effects, such as amp emulations for guitar and bass, as well as reverb for vocals. Its form factor is intended for portability, and even allows you to record your rehearsals to a USB, or by connecting directly to your computer.

Finally, the Mobile UA-M10 is a four-channel UBS audio playback interface and headphone amp that fits a surprising amount of functionality into a relatively small package. Supporting both ASIO and Core audio playback as well as native DSD playback (up to 2.8 MHz), the UA-M10 gives you four stereo mini-jack headphone outputs. It is bus powered, and uses Roland’s S1LKi DSP audio engine.