Senal CL6 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone


B &H is now stocking the Senal CL6, a broadcast-quality, omnidirectional lavalier microphone that is designed to accommodate a wide range of TV, film, and stage applications. The CL6 is fitted with a twisted-pair cable, packed with nylon yarn and protected with a high-density spiral shield. This cable design, combined with a durable and compact capsule housing, helps to minimize handling noise and allows for discreet mic placement in a package that’s built to last.

With a head diameter of only 4mm, the CL6 is easy to conceal in wardrobes or props for onscreen and onstage use. The mic’s omnidirectional polar pattern is designed to capture a natural sound with minimal sensitivity to head turns, allowing flexible positioning for recordings, broadcasts, and presentations. The frequency response is tailored for use outside or underneath light clothing, and the included windscreens and variety of mic clips provide a host of placement options. The CL6 can be purchased with various connectors to fit a wide range of wireless transmitters, and also comes with or without the Senal PS-48B Power Supply.