Senal Multi-Pattern UC4-B USB Microphone for Podcasts, Vocals, and More


If you’re looking to avoid the expense and complexity of swapping microphones for different sources, you’ll need a single microphone that can do it all. The Senal UC4-B is designed to do just that; deftly switch between pickup patterns while retaining the reliable simplicity of USB connectivity. Whether you need to produce podcasts, track vocals, record instruments, or capture ambience, this multi-pattern USB microphone delivers natural, accurate sound in high resolution for content creators of any experience level.

Senal UC4-B USB Professional Multi-Pattern Microphone

With a desktop stand and an integral 5/8" socket, the UC4-B is easy to position on a table or atop a mic stand. Use its included USB cable to connect it straight to your computer; true plug-and-play operation means that you can get started without fussing with downloads, drivers, batteries, or external power supplies. Launch your preferred recording software and consider the hard part done.

Thanks to a triple-capsule array, the UC4-B offers the flexibility of several microphones in one. On the rear of the mic, you’ll find a dedicated knob for selection of the UC4-B’s four polar patterns—stereo, cardioid, bidirectional, and omnidirectional—and a second dial for the mic preamp gain. Cardioid is a great choice for solo speech, whereas bidirectional is handy for recording two people facing each other. The omni setting will be favored when you really want to get the room sound in your tracks, and the stereo mode is advantageous when miking instruments such as piano or acoustic guitar.

An internal 24-bit / 192 kHz analog-to-digital converter turns the incoming sound into pristine digital audio to avoid compromise at that crucial stage. When it comes to monitoring, the UC4-B lets you listen with zero latency. Connect your headphones directly to the built-in headphone jack, then adjust the front-panel volume to your liking. There’s also a mute switch for quickly cutting the audio feed. Don’t bother worrying about menus or hidden settings; everything you need to adjust is right there on the mic.

If you need simple, intuitive controls, studio-worthy sonic quality, and the flexibility of multiple microphones, the UC4-B is worth your time. Swing by the B&H SuperStore or peruse our website to learn more!