Senal Premium 2-Way Ceiling Speakers


If you are looking for low-distortion ceiling speakers that can be used in a variety of commercial and residential applications, check out these two new arrivals from Senal. Compatible with 70V, 100V, or low-ohm systems, they feature a multi-tap transformer with front-baffle controls, so you can adjust the wattage easily after the speakers are installed. Their sealed back can assures increased fidelity by preventing your sound from being distributed back into the ceiling.

There are two configurations available, the CSP-142, which provides up to 80 watts of power and a 4" woofer, and the CSP-162 which gives you up to 150 watts of power and boasts a 6.5" woofer. The CSP-142 offers 6.25" of clearance, is optimized for installation in smaller spaces and provides a 130-degree coverage angle, while the CSP-162 gives you 110 degrees of coverage.