Sennheiser and Countryman Microphone Kits Now at B&H Photo


B&H has scored an impressive exclusive—a bundle featuring a Countryman B3 Omnidirectional microphone, clips, windscreen, and a storage case. The standard-sensitivity lavalier mic capsule is moisture resistant, which makes placing it directly in hair or on bare skin easy, without the fear of distortion or “sweat-outs”—where moisture gets into the capsule and causes the mic to malfunction. They’re even color-matched to theater makeup shades and skin tones for better camouflaging during performances or interviews. The 0.2" capsule, with field-selectable high-frequency response caps and extremely low handling noise, displays no distortion at higher levels (even opera or rock-band levels). Included in the kit are magnetic and viper clips, black and white clips, a windscreen, protect cap, and storage case.

Three separate kits include the B3 Omnidirectional mic bundle with either XLR terminations or 1/8" terminations for Sennheiser wireless systems, or the Countryman EMW Omndirectional microphone bundle, which swaps out the B3 lav mic for the EMW Omnidirectional mic, whose body is designed using a self-lubricating, low-friction plastic and is mounted so that the capsule is perpendicular to the plane of vibration, cutting down on the rubbing noise associated with lav mics and fabric-noise distortion. You’ll hear from the person talking, and not from their shirt.

Also available now at B&H are the Sennheiser ME66/K6 Microphone Pro Pack and the MKH-416 Shotgun Microphone Pro Shotgun Pack, both designed for professional audio recording on the set or in the field. The Sennhesier ME66 is a short shotgun mic used for video, film, and ENG/EFP scenarios, and features a highly directional cardioid polar pattern with great attenuation at the sides and maximum pickup at the front. It comes with a Sennhesier K6 powering module, which operates on a single AA battery or Phantom power. The Sennheiser MKH-416 kit includes a short shotgun interference tube mic, which is ideal for boom, fishpole, and camera mounting, and features great feedback rejection and high consonant articulation, making it ideal for outside broadcast applications.

Both Sennhesier kits include their respective mics plus a pistol grip, blimp windscreen, and hairy wind cover.