Sennheiser Wireless Mics Operating in the A1 Frequency Band


Are you looking for wireless microphone solutions from a trustworthy company—solutions whose frequency bands won’t be gobbled up by the FCC anytime soon? Are you seeking products suitable for ENG, field recording, and interviews? Maybe you’re searching for a B&H kit that bundles several such complementary products together for your convenience? If so, then check out these microphone systems; their new bandwidth, wireless functionality, and corresponding accessories render them more than up to the task.

First of all, peruse these two packages in the A1 frequency band, both of which offer a bodypack transmitter, a camera-mountable receiver, a clip-on lavalier microphone (one omnidirectional, one cardioid), and more. If your rig requires a dynamic, handheld microphone, check out this bundle—and should you want to use your own dynamic capsule, there’s this package, which provides a plug-on transmitter to turn your corded, handheld unit into a wireless microphone.

Next, we have B&H kits for you—six of them! One gives you a transmitter, a receiver, a lavalier, and a Zoom H4n Pro, while another bundles two ENG G3 Wireless microphone systems with added accessories in order to facilitate the capture of video-ready audio on the go. Various other configurations in various other kits can be found at our website—or by clicking on these links.

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