Seymour Duncan Forza Overdrive Pedal Pushes the Envelope


Overdrive pedals are useful to most guitar players, which is sort of like saying the sky appears blue to most humans. But each overdrive pedal has its own facets, its own distinguishing characteristics. The Seymour Duncan Forza Overdrive Pedal not only has the pedigree of Seymour Duncan behind it—it’s also fashioned in a way that preserves your guitar’s natural tone, never mangling any frequency found within your guitar’s specific timbre.

Unless, of course, you want it to—this pedal also boasts a three-band EQ for juicing up your tone, if that’s your desire. You can boost or cut 90 Hz with the bass knob, 750 Hz with the mid knob, and 2.1 kHz with the treble knob. As for the gain section, this pedal provides you a wide swath of level-boosting, from 11 to 37 dB via the drive knob. Also, when you click the pedal off, true bypass will ensure that your dry signal remains unaffected.

The result is a pedal that is useful in a variety of ways: whether you want to level-match your clean and dirty tone, deliver more drive to your amplifier, lift the volume of your clean timbre up ever so slightly, or effect a giant dose of overdrive for soloing, this stompbox has you covered.