Shure Updates the SM-Series Microphone Line


Though many of the microphones in Shure’s SM series, such as their SM57 and SM58, are considered to be staples both live and in the studio, Shure is clearly not content to let the reputation of the SM series be based solely on earlier accomplishments. To that end, the company recently made two additions to the SM lineup, in the form of headset and lavalier mics.

New from Shure is the SM31FH Fitness Headset and the SM35 Performance Headset. Both microphones are cardioid condensers with wireframe headsets that can be adjusted by the user to provide a comfortable fit and appropriate mic placement. The SM35 is designed to cater to the multi-instrumentalist singer, who requires his or her hands to be free, but does not want to have to maintain a static performance position in front of a handheld microphone on a stand. It's available with a TA4F termination for compatibility with most Shure bodypack transmitters, and also with an in-line XLR preamp for connection to standard XLR equipment. 

The SM31FH Fitness headset is a little different from the SM35 in ways that cater to fitness or aerobics instructors who require a PA during large classes in order to be heard. This mic is constructed with hydrophobic material that repells moisture (such as sweat and humidity), keeping the capsule protected.

In addition to the new installments to the SM series, Shure has announced the PGA31 Headset Microphone and the  CVL Centraverse Lavalier Microphone. Both provide some more straightforward features in comparison to the SM mics, including a frequency response optimized for speaking. The PGA31 has a flexible gooseneck for quick adjustment, and the CVL sports a miniature design for discrete placement.