Unveiled: The Zoom Lineup of Audio Solutions



Zoom is showcasing a trio of audio solutions at this year’s NAMM festivities. These new items illustrate the company’s continued commitment to high-quality mobile audio—even as they branch out into the world of video recorder and desktop audio interfaces.

The iQ5 caters to those looking for better quality stereo audio from a Lightning-connector-equipped iOS device. This mid-side stereo mic attaches right to you iPhone, iPod, or iPad, and employs a clever rotating mechanism in the mic that can detect whether you have the device in portrait or landscape mode. It automatically adjusts the orientation of the mic, so it can be used for capturing audio in portrait mode or in landscape mode while recording video. It is available in both black or white to complement your iPhone’s finish.

The Q4 is definitely geared toward musicians looking to capture 1080p video with high-quality sound without having to buy a separate mic and camera. It has a built-in 120-degree XY stereo mic that folds neatly down into the camera when not in use. It sports a 2-inch, full-color LCD screen as well as outboard audio controls, giving you fast access for fine tuning.

Zoom enters the Thunderbolt interface game with the TAC-2. This 2-in, 2-out desktop interface has 2 Burr Brown mic preamps in addition to a Hi-Z instrument input, and it can track and play back resolutions up to 192kHz/24-bit. All of its parameters are controllable by a single, large knob, while dual 7-position LED meters display your levels.

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Dealbreaker for the iQ5: No microphone jack.