Yamaha CS-700: A Sound System for your Video-Conferencing Needs


Yamaha and Revolabs recently teamed up in perpetuity, and together, they’ve produced CS-700 Video Conferencing System. This all-in-one collaboration tool has been built to give your conference room the best possible performance when it comes to video, audio, and even screen-sharing. In one wall-mounted solution, the CS-700 addresses all communication and collaboration needs found in the common conference room, accomplishing all connectivity for these multitudinous disciplines using a single USB cable. Its construction is such that IT departments half a world away can monitor and manage the CS-700 remotely.

The CS-700 includes a wide-angle, 120-degree camera that can capture all participants in an average-sized conference room, so you no longer need to fiddle with zooming and panning when a peripheral person has an immediate concern. High pixel count ensures that every expression can be accurately conveyed up to 10' from the camera.

Yamaha CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration System for Huddle Rooms

In the audio department, the CS-700 builds upon Yamaha and Revolabs’ database of knowledge to offer you a beamforming microphone array that is sensitive to every utterance in the room. At the same time, a four-element speaker bar reproduces audio with clarity and precision, allowing easy and effortless conversations between meeting participants.

With USB support, the CS-700 works perfectly with Skype for Business, Chromebox for Meetings, GoToConference, Vidyo, BlueJeans, Zoom, and more. Soon, an SIP interface will be added to the mix, obviating the need for separate phone conferencing of corporate call manager, if such a person needs be looped in. Bluetooth integration lets you stream content from your mobile device or computer, making it a part of the meeting. Finally, this is a wall-mount device, so you need not clutter up table space.

We here at B&H are proud to offer the CS-700 Video Conferencing System. So if you’re interested in more information, call the SuperStore at 1-800-606-6969 or 1-212-444-6615, or log in for a live chat.