Yamaha's New i-MX1 Connects Your Apple iOS Device to Your Studio


Here’s one iPad accessory that the average person might find strange and unusable, yet it’s a dream come true for heavy-duty MIDI fanatics. The new Yamaha i-MX1 offers a painfully simple way to connect one of Apple’s popular iOS devices to a MIDI-capable external piece of hardware. It’s compatible with the original iPad, the iPad2 and the iPhone.

The i-MX1 is a MIDI interface which enables you to connect the iDevice of your choice to any piece of MIDI gear, such as a keyboard, electronic drums, sound modules, etc. It works with any Core-MIDI capable apps. For example, you can connect your iDevice to a real keyboard and play the instrument on real keys instead of a flat touch screen. If you have a Core-MIDI-capable recording app with virtual drums, you can use a real electronic drum pad kit to perform drum parts into the app.

In addition, Yamaha has its own apps which give you expanded control over a hardware keyboard’s functionality. Yamaha’s Faders & XY Pad MIDI Control app and their Keyboard Arp & Drumpad app will change the way you interact with your favorite hardware. You can use an iPad to edit the sounds on your Motif XF or MOX with the iPad’s large, ultra-responsive touch screen. The i-MX1 includes two 3.5mm to 5-pin MIDI cables.