Zoom H4n Pro and H5 Recorders: A 10-Point Comparison


The following Infographic offers a quick and easy rundown of the feature sets of the H4n Pro and the H5 Handy Recorders. Both recorders offer 24-bit/96 kHz resolution, 140 dB SPL handling, an EIN that’s less than -120 dBu, and USB interface operation. The H5 offers a modular microphone system and ships with a stereo XY capsule, while the H4n Pro offers a fixed XY stereo microphone that is adjustable from 90 to 120 degrees. The H5 offers backup recording, while the H4n Pro offers onboard effects for bass, guitar, and vocals. 


What I unfortunately discovered after selling my H4n to purchase the H5 was that the H4n offers a 4 track funtionality, which the H5 doesn't. This was a great feature which they just cut out of an otherwise great tool.

It makes me wonder how these manufacturers think, or, if they actually do! SMH

But you are able to record 4 tracks at the same time? You just can't do the backup record nor record at 96/24 while doing so.