Video: Sennheiser Revolutionizes Audio-for-Video with New Digital Wireless System


In this video, industry experts Ben Escobedo, of Sennheiser, and Michael Miceli, of Miceli Productions, show us the Sennheiser AVX, a digital wireless microphone system that  is specifically designed for capturing professional video sound. Featuring true “plug-and-record” operation, AVX is fully self-configuring, with functions such as auto-dynamic range, which automatically dials-in the output level to match a recording device's input sensitivity, reducing distortion and eliminating the need to adjust your mic’s level manually. Available with a handheld mic transmitter, a bodypack transmitter with lavalier, or both, all AVX systems come with the ultra-compact EKP plug-on receiver. The EKP boasts an innovative pivoting design for attaching to a video camera's XLR microphone input without getting in the way of other camera accessories. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at


Isn't this the same concept as the Azaden AZCAM 3, three channel audio mixer that I bought from you for $58.90?  And this Sennheiser audio to video connector... can't see if it even allows two or three channels... and the price is over $1200?  Unless you're working for a network, can't see it is worth that much money.  So far I've been extremely happy with the Azaden three channel audio mixer.

Hi Gene -

We are glad that youare happy with the AZDEN CAM-3 mixer.  It is certainly a little, low-cost problem solver.  But it does not include any wireless components or microphones. The Sennheiser AVX is a single channel system.

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