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This is a “ Tracker Seat Stick “

Butt peg.

Focal Upright Furniture Mogo Kickstand Portable Seat (Black Cushion) B&H # FOFKS1000B Mfr # FKS-1000-BK

I think its a camera shot stabilizer. Used in all manner of forms for taking photos in differing terrains. You can hold onto the padded area with your hands and attch your camera to the end, neat for underwater photography and not get eaten by sharks or to capture that shot whereby birds don't like humans.

An adjustable elbow pad for stablizing shots?

Easy. It's a multi-purpose hybrid nose-extending eyewear for those who like to poke their noses into other people's businesses. When not poking, it can be used as a golf-club or a car-jack. Neat!

Portable seat

Definitely looks like a seat on a monopod.

It's what the english would call a shooting stick.  A portable seat you take with you - in this case to shoot photos not pheasants or grouse.

Just what all event videographers/photographers dream about... a quick stool to sit for a minute or 2 before running back to get more footage of the bride, the band or performers. I needed this for an event this weekend with a fashion show, I would have used it for sure!

The Butt-pod! This is a new take on the old walking-stick chair.

A seat on a mono pod. 


Clearly a folding Monopod Seat.

Either that, or a folding/Colapsable  Cyrano de Bergerac Mask.