ARRI: Professional Camera Accessories for One and All


Long known as a major force in the professional cinema camera market, ARRI also manufactures a wide array of robust, ergonomically designed professional camera accessories (PCA, in ARRI-lingo). As renowned as this Munich institution is for its current ALEXA lineup and its established film cameras, some shooters may not be familiar with its range of camera accessories available not just for ARRI models, but for other brands of cameras, as well. As ARRI celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, let’s look at this wide array of cinematic tools. The PCAs are divided into two broad categories: mechanical accessories and electronic control components. Additional categories include a camera gimbal and a wireless video system. Many of ARRI’s tried-and-true products are universal accessories, working with almost any pro-level HD camera; others are specific to popular models from Blackmagic , Canon , Nikon, Panasonic, RED, and Sony.

ARRI Pro Broadcast Set for Canon C300 Mk II with QRP-1 Quick Release Plate

On the mechanical end, we find matte boxes, follow focus systems, support rigs and battery adapters. The electronic control category includes items like WCU-4, SXU-1, cforce, UMD-1, motor controllers, and LCUBE adapters. As ARRI’s “PCA” label suggests, the professional build quality of these items sets them apart from the myriad accessory providers out there. Constructed to hold up under heavy, daily usage, the ARRI accessories are suitable for episodic, feature, documentary, and “reality”-type productions.

ARRI LCUBE CUB-1 LBUS to Serial Converter with Bracket

ARRI and Third Party Camera Cages and Accessories

Befitting their modular nature, a wide selection of accessories and support items are available for ARRI’s ALEXA and AMIRA cameras. A number of individual accessories in the ARRI ecosystem are camera-agnostic, fitting a variety of other brand cameras, including base plates, bridge plates, handgrips, cage components, rods and rod support brackets. Customization is the name of the game, enabling you to trick out your camera for the specific job at hand, be it a handheld setup for a documentary or “reality” show, a drone rig, or relatively stable tripod, dolly, and stabilizer-based shots. Pre-bundled Pro Cine/Broadcast Sets are designed to coordinate with specific third-party cameras like the Blackmagic Cinema and Pocket Cameras, Canon C300, and C700, the Panasonic VariCam LT, RED DSMC2-types, and the Sony a7S II, F5, F55, and FS7.

ARRI RMB-2 19mm Rod-Mounting Kit with 15mm Reduction Sleeve

Matte Boxes

Cinematography is light-driven—the greater control you have over the light entering your lens, the better. ARRI offers a variety of matte boxes—from the tried and true, full-option SMBs (Studio Matte Boxes), clamp-on LMBs (Lightweight M.B.), and the compact MMBs (Mini M. B.)—designed for smaller HD models and still cameras, to the new lightweight LMB 4x5 models. ARRI’s truly modular LMB 4x5 matte box offers a one-size-fits-all solution in a lightweight matte box, enabling it to be your sole matte box for a variety of camera rigs. Suitable for gimbal, handheld, jib, or crane shots, the LMB 4x5’s lightweight yet configurable design allows for simple single-filter use or multi-filter, rod-mounted setups with rotating stage, top and side flaps, matte, and accessory-mounting.

ARRI LMB-4x5 3-Stage Matte Box 15mm Support Set

Follow Focus Systems

ARRI manufactures a complete line of follow focus systems, each optimized for certain shooting situations. The MFF-2 is a space-saving, compact unit, while the modular, robust FF-4 and FF-5 systems provide additional options like Cine and HD-style gear ratios, snap-on and slide-on supports, and lightweight and studio combinations. A wide range of accessories is available to fit most of the follow focus models, including whips, speed cranks, reversing gears, and dual speed knobs.

ARRI Mini Follow Focus MFF-2 Cine Set

Master Grips

ARRI’s Master Grips provide fingertip camera control and F/I/Z adjustments without needing to remove your eye from the camera. No need to tilt the camera away from your face while balancing it on your shoulder with one hand and trying to scroll through menus with the other. Ideal for single operators, these grips enable you to maintain the shot’s frame while focusing, zooming, and tweaking the iris. Each ergonomic grip is fully rotatable to the angle that suits you best; they can also be mounted for tripod-, or pedestal-based operating. Available in wheel and rocker types, there left- and right-handed versions of each. When used with EF mount lens, the Master Grips offers iris control with a selectable rate of change. Limits can be set on focus, etc., for operator pulls—all without taking the camera off your shoulder.

ARRI Master Grip Prime Set for 3rd-Party Cameras (Right & Left Focus/Iris)

Electronic Controls

When you need to control your F/I/Z (focus, iris, zoom) functions or camera functions at a remove from the camera, check out ARRI’s extensive electronic controls. The compact WCU-4 controls up to three axes of F/I/Z control, while the SXU-1 provides single-axis operation. For your most compact rigs, lens control motors come in the form of the lightweight cforce mini, and the stronger cforce plus—each with the space-saving capability to link up to three motors. Choose from among three versions of the CLM motor line to highlight size, quiet operation, or strength as suits your needs.

ARRI WCU-4 Wireless Compact Unit for 3-Axis Lens & Camera Control

Different motor controller version options include single or multi-motor use, serial or LBUS control, and lens-type specificity. Select camera control functions are available for some third-party cameras through the use of the LCUBE LBUS adapters. A crucial tool for camera assistants, the UMD-1 ultrasonic system is used to measure focus distances from any camera. The ARRI LDE-1 is a lens data encoder, extending the availability of lens metadata functions when using non-LDS lenses, or manual follow focus systems.

ARRI LDE-1 Lens Data Encoder

Wireless Video

Another handy universal camera aid is ARRI’s WVS System, a complete line of wireless video and audio transmitters. The WVS system provides real-time, uncompressed wireless transmission for ARRI or third-party cameras at distances up to approximately 2,000' with less than 1 ms of delay. Up to four WVR-1 Receivers may be paired with each stand-alone WVT-1 transmitter. The WVR-1 Receiver may also be paired with an ARRI ALEXA SXT W camera's internal transmitter. Dual-channel audio, timecode, and a REC flag function are included in the 128-Bit AES-encrypted signal. The WVS system also features a 10-bit HDR-monitoring compatible output.

Handheld Stabilizer

ARRI’s Maxima Gimbal brings a solidly constructed, durable, and smoothly rolling handheld option to the gimbal table. With an impressive 66-pound capacity and an open-back design, the Maxima can support almost any camera on the market, HD or film. Professional features include both V- and Gold-mount battery plate options, 32-bit ARM processors, and offset balance compensation. Basic controls for the Maxima are available using its mountable mini-joystick, and complete function access is provided using its wireless remote control.

ARRI Maxima MX30 3-Axis Gimbal with Anton Bauer Gold Mount

Explore the wide variety of durable, professionally designed ARRI accessories through the B&H Pro Video web page, or stop in to the store. These universal camera tools and the ARRI ALEXA, AMIRA, and ALEA Mini cameras are available through The Studio at B&H, a fully operational studio in the store, with an extensive display of high-end products and state-of-the-art workflows.