Real-Time HDR Resolving with Atomos


For shooters who are keen to take advantage of the ability of the increasing number of mirrorless and DSLR cameras to shoot log footage, and for pros using more advanced cameras, Atomos provides an array of field recorder/monitors with HDR capabilities. For studio environments, Atomos also offers the dual-display, rack-mounted Shogun Studio system. While log-format (logarithmic) recording is hailed for capturing more of your camera’s dynamic range, the resulting images appear washed-out and flat when viewed on SDR monitors. The AtomHDR engine in these recorder/monitors resolves HDR in the field, enabling you to see your end image while shooting, and to expose for that look, something more difficult to do when viewing an ungraded log image.

Atomos Shogun Flame 7" 4K HDMI/SDI Recording Monitor

Richer blacks, brighter whites, more detailed shadows and highlights, and increased contrast are much-heralded advantages of HDR video, and rightfully so. When using popular cameras like the Panasonic GH4 or new GH5, Sony Alpha a7S II, or Canon EOS C100, viewing in HDR lets their vibrant, true-to-life image qualities shine through. Shooting your project with a mix of cameras models/brands due to operator preference or budget constraints? Use an Atomos recorder with each camera to produce standardized recordings ready for dropping into your NLE system. While capturing options are superior to many camera’s internal recorders, an Atomos recorder can also be used as a reference monitor while editing and grading for HDR, and then to deliver a master ready for displaying on the growing number of HDR TVs now available.

Canon EOS C100 Mark II Cinema EOS Camera with EF 24-105mm f/4L Lens

The Atomos high-speed capable, HDMI 2.0 Inferno and the HDMI 1.4b Flame series each come in Shogun and Ninja versions. The Shoguns feature both SDI and HDMI connections with internal cross-conversion, 12-bit RAW, ProRes, and DNxHR recording, while the more lightweight Ninjas feature HDMI-only interfaces and record in ProRes and DNxHR. Much as its moniker implies, the Sumo is Atomos’s (relatively) “heavyweight” contender. With a 19" screen, this larger unit can function as an on-set DIT or assistant’s monitor, or work with your laptop-based grading software in the studio. Besides real-time HDR resolving, the Sumo features live-switching of up to four channels.

Atomos Shogun Inferno 7" 4K HDMI/Quad 3G-SDI/12G-SDI Recording Monitor

The Atomos units’ 10-bit color processing and high pixel fidelity provides a bright display for use in outside conditions without a sun hood, increased detail in highlights, increased vibrancy along with smoother gradations in color, for which HDR is becoming known and loved. The 7" Shoguns and Infernos have 1500-nit panels, while the 19" Sumo sports a 1200-nit display. Each of these Atomos monitor/recorders has a touchscreen interface on which you select the HDR function matched to each of the camera Log curves, as well as other focus / framing / exposure tools and tag clips as favorites or rejects. Whichever model you choose, an Atomos recorder/monitor can be counted on to reveal the HDR capability of your camera’s Log-enabled sensor, providing enhanced detail and vibrancy to your footage.