Angelbird Memory Solutions Raise the Bar


Angelbird Technologies GmbH is an Austrian company dedicated to making the highest-quality memory cards and storage devices on the market. While the company may fly under the radar and is likely not mentioned in discussions about “mainstream” brands of storage solutions, this is a company on the cutting edge of performance and reliability—so much so that Angelbird works in partnership to create exclusive certified products for top brands of photo and video equipment like ARRI, Blackmagic Design, RED, Atomos, and Z CAM.

That last point bears repeating: Angelbird works hand-in-hand with the world’s premier multi-media equipment manufacturers to create certified products that are guaranteed to work with some of the most powerful and expensive equipment in the world.

The Angelbird product lineup includes memory cards, camera-custom media for specific systems, SSDs, and card readers and accessories. One thing immediately obvious about Anglebird is the minimalistic and clean design of its entire line of products. Angelbird does all of its design, technology, and manufacturing in-house and this results in a cohesive product line of good-looking, high-quality products that speak to Austrian precision and beautiful design.

Angelbird also prides itself in its customer service support and data-recovery services. Many professionals have publicly lauded their customer-focused service experiences when they’ve had to deal with Angelbird.

Angelbird Technology’s products are trusted by the world’s premier video equipment manufacturers—this means they are likely going to give you amazing performance for whatever media storage demands you throw at them!

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My cfexpress 2tb memory card broke with the wedding photos, they could not recover the date, but sent a new one 

Right now I have a huge problem with the couple as I have no wedding photos.


Hi Danylo,

I am very sorry to hear that you had that experience with your CFexpress card and sorry to hear that they could not recover the data.

Hopefully another option can help recover the data.