BTS "Learning to Drive": Low-Tech Solutions Vertical Slider Camera Rig


In Learning to Drive, Director Roderick E. Stevens wanted the camera to drop straight down over the actor, the way it might on a telescopic crane. Without the budget to rent one, that seemed impossible. It’s a simple shot that only lasts a few seconds, but it occurs at a crucial turning point in the film, and the director is far too stubborn to give up. About $150 in electrical conduit and hardware and some funky engineering resulted in a vertical slider that accomplished the shot.

Roderick Stevens's Bio

With more than 25 years of experience in the film industry as a writer, producer, director, and editor, and most notably as the director of photography on more than two dozen feature films and countless shorts, music videos, and commercials, Stevens has a thorough working knowledge of nearly every aspect of film production. He is also an award-winning fine artist, and renowned activist for safe working conditions in the film industry.

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Roderick Stevens Directing on Learning to Drive
Roderick Stevens Directing on Learning to Drive