Show us Your Shot: Faking a Car Hit on an Actor


In this segment of Show Us Your Shot, director Aaron Barrocas discusses how the production team of the horror-comedy short film Half-Cocked was able to create the illusion, safely, of a character being hit by a car, despite not having the time or budget for stunt performers or wire work. It is important to note that at no point was the actor in any danger, and he never made contact with the vehicle.

Cast: Pat Healy, Vanessa Benavente, Lundon Boyd

Writer/Director/Editor: Aaron Barrocas

Producers: Sophia Cacciola & Michael J. Epstein

Director of Photography: Sophia Cacciola

Post VFX Artist: Rob Himebaugh

Composer: Catherine Capozzi

VFX Supervisor: Joe Castro

Aaron Barrocas’s Bio

After graduating from Emerson College, Aaron Barrocas started his professional career as an Associate Producer on several early 2000s E! series, including many “The Anna Nicole Show” specials, “Dr. 90210,” and “Infamous”. In 2005, he became a Producer on “The Soup with Joel McHale,” directing and overseeing post on weekly scripted field pieces at a breakneck pace and minimal budget. He moved on to direct field pieces and oversee all post on spinoff series “Sports Soup with Matt Iseman.” In 2007, Barrocas teamed up with Josh Brolin to edit a short comedy documentary, on spec, lampooning the Coen Brothers handling of the “No Country for Old Men” production. Thankfully, the duo appreciated the humor, and purchased the movie for release on the Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray.

In addition to post, Barrocas has continued writing and producing throughout his career. In 2013, he produced several stories for the daily pop-culture news series “Dish Nation.” In the past two years, his original screenplays have garnered several first-place film festival prizes and finalist spots. Most recently, Barrocas wrote, directed, and edited the horror-comedy short “Half-Cocked,” which was produced by Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein’s company, Launch Over. “Half-Cocked” is currently playing at festivals around the world.


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I'm a stunt guy and actor who loves to do fun fx as well on the side. This is really good and such a fun read on a late thursday night. :) thank you.

Thank you for including this in this fantastic series!

Thanks Michael, we are happy to be able to showcase the talents and works of filmmakers, and highlight some of what it takes to create a moving film. We are looking forward to seeing more videos, sharing the variety of issues, and problem solving that filmmakers go through. Thanks for watching and commenting.