Show Us Your Shot: Skydiving over the Great Pyramids


In this segment of Show Us Your Shot, skydiver and aerial cinematographer Laszlo Andacs discusses the possibilities and the challenges of camera work while jumping out of airplanes. The piece is illustrated with breathtaking aerial sequences that capture the beauty and technique of aerial cinematography as the cameraman hurtles toward the ground with cameras mounted on his helmet. You can see footage of jumps and the preparation behind them as Andacs and other cameramen capture various projects, such as Anthony Flammia's music video "My Life,” and a group jump over the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

About Laszlo Andac

Born in Hungary, Laszlo Andacs emigrated to the United States, in 1998, to pursue a career as a videographer and photographer in the world of skydiving. Moving to the picturesque Hudson Valley region of New York, he was mesmerized with contrasts at 13,000 feet; of colors between Earth and sky, mountains and valleys, of faces mixed with exhilaration and awe. His passion for the art of photography grew and his lens moved from air to ground, soon broadening his range from adventure shots to include wonders of nature, faces of emotions, architecture, events. His keen eye for the artistic captures the essence of the moment, blending together elements of light, color and composition. Andacs understands the importance of interaction between photographer, camera and subject, thereby creating a stylistic representation of the art of the now.

You can see more of Andacs’s work at Laszloimage on Facebook and Instagram.

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Laszlo - Great work.   Complete novice to photography -  do you have any recommendations for a lens to go on a Sony A73 for skydiving?  I'm doing mostly AFFI work with some fun jumps on the side.  Any mounts or switches that you prefer?  Thanks for any advice,  Tom 

Hi Tom, Thank you for the compliment! I'm mostly shooting with Canon so I don't have that much of an experience with Sony lenses. Since the A73 is a full frame camera normally something in the 24mm wide (or close around that angle) used most of the time for most photographers for AFF.  But there's not set rule either in photography. I like using my Canon 5omm f1.2 L and my Sigma15mm fisheye. it depends. For me optical quality is important, so I use lenses fit into the pro category (most of the time the price reflects on it too :) ). B&H has pretty much any possible lens for Sony A73, with very reliable reviews and excellent costumer support.  Regarding the remote switch, I actually manufacture  the Pro Mouth Switch with right angle Sony plugs, distributed by the Ranch ProShop (Sorry B&H very small and unique market only for a handful of skydivers, I wish if could be listed here on your site). I hope I could help. Laszlo

Great job. Awesome video and stunning imagery.

Thank you Bill for checking it out and the compliment!

amazing photography ! It’s stunning how great these shots are and all taken at such high speed falling through the sky! 

Thank you for the compliment Jason and taking  a few minutes to watch it!

Mesmerizing photography that marries art, technique, and inspiration! Great article! So cool to see the pyramids from the air.

Thank you Daniel for the compliment! Also many thanks to B&H and Steven Gladstone to publish this video piece of mine!