Action Sports Cameras Part 3: Sony HDR AS15, Looxcie HD Explore Camcorders


In this third part of our Action/Sports Cameras series, Kelby Media's Mia McCormick reviews the Sony HDR AS15 and the Looxcie HD Explore, two cameras with similar lightweight form factors but some very different strengths and shortcomings. The Sony AS15, for instance, records 1080p video at the usual 30 fps, but if you drop down to 720p, you can achieve super slow motion in-camera by shooting at a whopping 120 fps.


The Looxcie, meanwhile, can do live streaming and comes with a variety of mounts, including a baseball cap mount, a handlebar mount and two adhesive mounts for helmets and automobiles. Both cameras offer smartphone apps that allow you to control camera functions via Wi-Fi with your Android or iOS device. Both cameras are ready to capture your next action-packed adventure in HD quality. 

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