Bescor FP-12VATM Lithium-Ion Battery Pack and Charger Kit


Now available at B&H, Bescor's rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack provides a simple and convenient way to power your professional video equipment without the need for additional mounting hardware or support rigs. The FP-12VATM kit includes the FP-12V battery and the BC-FP12 universal charger.

"The charger accepts 110 to 240 volt sources, making it compatible with all global power standards."

Enclosed in a canvas pouch with a "military style" clip, the FP-12VATM battery attaches easily to a belt or strap. It's compact in size4" tall and 2.5" deepand, at only 1.32 pounds, won't weigh you down while shooting. Run-and-gun style shooters should appreciate this straightforward and unobtrusive design.

The FP-12V uses a standard 4-pin female XLR power connector on a 3' cable for compatibility with a wide range of professional video equipment, including LED lights and select professional video cameras. It has a capacity of 98WH and operates between 11.1 and 12.6 VDC. An XLR-to-car lighter adapter is also provided for powering select LED lights and other equipment that use standard 12V automobile power inputs.

The battery is rated for more than 500 charge cycles and receives a full charge in approximately four hours when using the included BC-FP12 charger. The charger accepts 110 to 240 volt sources, making it compatible with all global power standards. Red and green LED indicators let you know when your battery is charging and when the charge is complete. Both the charger and the battery feature built-in overcharge and discharge protection.


No, it is not compatible with a Canon 580EX II or any other still camera flashes.  Below is a link to the archived product link for the 580EX II flash on the B&H website.  Under the "Accessories" tab there you will see a list of accessories, the first category being the "Batteries and Power" section. If you click there, you can see a group of external battery pack options which are compatible with the flash.  See the link below for details.

Will this power pack safely run a Canon A1 or a Canon HV-40 without having to plug in--and do so for 5 or 6 hours?

This kit supplies power to devices which have a 4-pin XLR DC power input. The Canon XHA1 and HV40 do not have this input and will not be able to be powered from this unit unfortunately.

Greetings -- is this an acceptable battery power source for new Panasonic GH4 video interface unit - compatible with video interface unit so circuitry of same is safe - with no possible damage to circuitry ?


Thank you for your reply !

Using the Bescor with the XLR cable it will deliver the 12V needed to power the GH4's YAGH interface unit.