Canon Cinema EOS Line, Part 2









In this second segment of our six-part series on the Canon Cinema EOS line, cinematographer David Leitner delves deep into the Canon EOS C300 and EOS C100, two digital cinematography camcorders that shoot HD. The C300 captures XF-codec HD video to CompactFlash cards, while the C100 captures high-quality AVCHD files to SD cards. Both cameras offer Canon's Log gamma, a shooting mode that enables a wider dynamic range than typical HD video. 

Both of these camcorders are relatively compact and highly customizable: You can remove the handgrip and position the LCD panel in several different ways. The C300 is available in both EF and PL mount versions, while the C100 is available as a Canon EF mount camcorder only. 

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Thank you for the great video.

Pleas can you tell the name or type of the eye cup, for the c100.