Canon Cinema EOS Line, Part 3

In the third segment of our six-part series on the Canon Cinema EOS line, cinematographer David Leitner elucidates the Canon EOS C500 and EOS-1D C cameras, two very different bodies: The C500 is a camcorder with a Super 35-size sensor that looks much like the C100 and C300, while the 1D C is a DSLR body with a much larger full-frame sensor. Both accept EF lenses, whether DSLR or Cinema EOS; the C500 also is available as a PL-mount version.







Both of these Cinema EOS models are capable of shooting 4K video. In the case of the 1D C, it records 500Mb/s 4K to high-speed CF cards internally as Motion JPEG files. The C500, meanwhile, records only HD internally; it requires an outboard recording unit such as a Convergent Design Gemini 4:4:4 or a AJA Ki Pro Quad to record 4K either uncompressed as RAW files or compressed as ProRes (or similar) files. Both cameras offer Canon's Log gamma, a shooting mode that enables a wider dynamic range than typical HD video. 

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