Canon EOS Cinema Line, Part 1

This is the first part in a six-part series about Canon's groundbreaking Cinema EOS camcorders and lenses that are designed specifically for digital cinematography. Award-winning cinemtographer David Leitner takes us through an introduction to the line, exploring the highlights of each camera, including the HD-recording C300 and C100, the 4K RAW-capable C500, and the EOS-1D C, a DSLR body that records compressed 4K internally.









In addition, Leitner explains the lineage of the Super 35 sensor size and the advantages of using Canon's EF mount, which is compatible not only with Canon Cinema EOS lenses but also with the company's full range of DSLR lenses including primes, telephoto zooms, tilt-shift lenses, and more.

Upcoming segments will cover the cameras in a more in-depth fashion, explain possible 4K workflow, lay out the lens options for Cinema EOS cameras—and in the final chapter, we'll see 4K footage from the Canon EOS C500 that Leitner shot in New York's Central Park. 

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