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The DJI Phantom Quadcopter


The DJI Phantom Quadcopter is a remote-controlled flying device that features a mount on which the GoPro HERO3 Black and Silver edition cameras fit. An entry-level model, the Phantom copter is designed with beginners in mind, to serve as a simple solution for adding aerial photography and videography to their productions.

In this review, Mia McCormick, of Kelby Media, tests the unit with the HERO3 and learns that the DJI Phantom Quadcopter is relatively easy to operate, with a mild learning curve. It has a complex GPS satellite navigation system composed of several sensors, and this makes the Quadcopter easier to fly, even in windy conditions up to 20 mph. Watch the review to see real-world footage of the DJI Phantom Quadcopter in action with a GoPro HERO3 camera.

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I've got all the DJI stuff, tried two helicopters, two upgrade boards and a second gimbal and I still can't get the gimbal to act properly.  No one at DJI can fix it, its been sitting at their Hollywood location for over a month.  I've spent over a thousand and still can't shoot.  Maxed my credit card and can't fly, majorly sucks.  Try another quad because these Chinese company suck.

How can you add FPV capabilities to this quadcopter?

Hi Steve,

I Would like to answer your Question since I have a little experience on Quadcopters. Normally, You don't find FPV facility in each Quadcopters Especially in the mini drones. However, Dji Phantom Series always make sure to have FPV capabilities in those high-end drones. The Dji Phantom Vision 2+ is a best example for this. You can see the First-Person-View from the remote control. You may need to check the remote distance of FPV for each model.

I have a DJI Phantom and a GoPro Hero2. I am looking for training/coaching to improve my aerial photography with this incredible drone. Any suggestions?

The durabilaty of the DJI Phantom. After falling down a tree over 100 ft. tall. Minor damage to it and still fly's.

This quadcopter ROCKS! I purchased mine through B & H about 4-5 months ago and I am so glad I patiently waited for its arrival. At the same time I purchased additional blades & batteries from UAV Products along with a Transmitter Tray which does make flying a whole lot easier. It's a shame that B & H didn't carry extra components at that time.

I removed the GoPro cradle that came with the DJI Phantom. I couldn't stand the idea of possible damaging that little camera. I used the protective housing and flipped the video in the setup menus. I LOVE IT!

Also, I heard negatives about the stock blades so I purchased better ones and have completely changed all blades since and now it ROCKS EVEN MORE. I noticed it was a little top heavy so I got creative with a pool noodle from Walmart ($1.80), a hacksaw, and a few zip ties. Wrapping the noodle around the bottom of the landing skid allowed for a more balanced and softened experience when landing. In addition, I spray painted the left noodle red (left while looking at the craft from the rear) to help with orientation when you have the craft far away.

I LOVE THE PHANTOM and glad B & H decided to carry this fine product.

Thanks B & H.

Robert Jennings (A customer for more than 10 years and still happy)