FLIR FX: A Versatile Wireless HD Video Monitoring Solution



Keeping a watchful eye on the things you care about most just got easier, thanks to the FLIR FX wireless HD camera. The portable and cordless camera has built-in Wi-Fi and lets you control it and view a live video feed directly on your iOS or Android mobile device at any time and from any place. More than a traditional home video monitor, the FLIR FX system includes multiple mounts and housings that allow it to adapt to a wide ranges of applications. Two base packages are available: an Indoor option that includes a stand for desktop use or wall mounting indoors, and an Outdoor option that puts the camera inside an IP67-rated weatherproof housing intended for outdoor installations. Additionally, an optional Dash Mount is available for using the FLIR FX as you would a traditional dashboard camera, as well as a 65' waterproof-rated acrylic Sport Housing for action-camera type recording.

Indoor Camera

The camera features a 1/3" 4MP CMOS sensor that delivers up to 1080p video at 30 fps and 4MP still images. It is equipped with an ultra-wide 160-degree lens that captures nearly everything in front of it, making it great for capturing an entire room or entrance. It also has a built-in microphone and speaker to enable two-way audio communication, making it well suited for baby monitoring. Thanks to six Infrared LEDs around the camera’s lens, the camera is able to see up to 33' in the dark, making it suitable for 24/7 monitoring applications.

A compact design and built-in two-hour battery make the camera both portable and cordless when you need it to be. For a boost in battery life, the Indoor Stand has its own built-in battery that doubles the overall run time to four hours. For applications that require the camera to be powered for longer periods of time—which is likely if you’re using it for home monitoring and surveillance tasks—then  it can be plugged into the wall using a supplied power USB cable and power adapter.

Video can be recorded directly to a microSDHC/XC memory and reviewed directly through the app on your mobile device. You also have the option to send WVGA resolution files directly to FLIR’s Cloud server to access across multiple devices. A free Cloud Basic option is available for storing up to three videos on the cloud for up to 48 hours. For unlimited clips and longer storage duration, paid Cloud Plus and Cloud Premium subscriptions are available.


An added benefit of the Cloud Server is the RapidRecap feature that makes it easy to review a day’s worth of footage into a single clip, saving you from having to scrub through hours of footage. Simply select the time frame of the footage you want to review, and the RapidRecap technology automatically takes all the activity the camera captured during that span—such as pedestrians, vehicles, or pets—and superimposes them over a shorter slip, each with a time stamp to show you when the event took place. Whether you’re trying to pinpoint when a burglary took place, count the number of customers entering your store, or catching all of the best action at the skate park, RapidRecap makes the process easier than ever before. And with the FLIR FX app, you can quickly share your clips with your favorite social network.


Another useful feature found in the camera, called SmartZone, lets you use the mobile app to select specific areas of interest, such as a door, and have recording triggered and an alert sent to your smartphone whenever motion is detected in the region. User-selected settings help you fine-tune SmartZone sensitivity to reduce unwanted alerts from motion triggers that you’re not worried about.

Outdoor Housing

The Outdoor Housing turns the FLIR FX camera into a weatherproof, outdoor security camera. It comes with a wall/ceiling mounting bracket and a 13' power adapter cable to keep the camera and housing powered. In this setup, the camera’s built-in battery serves as two-hour backup power in the event you lose power. When used inside of the Outdoor Housing, the camera’s IR LEDs are deactivated and replaced by four stronger IR LEDs built into the housing itself that provide an enhanced range of up to 65'. It is important to note that should you have to revert to battery power, the IR LEDs on the Outdoor Housing won't be powered, so you'll lose night vision until power is restored. The physical buttons on the camera are also blocked, but you’ll still be able to access all settings using the app.

Sport Housing

If you have a desire to capture 1080p action footage, simply remove the FLIR FX from its Indoor Stand or Outdoor Housing and pop it into the optional rugged and waterproof Sport Housing. To facilitate immediate use, the Sport Housing comes with a ball-and-socket stand and three 3M adhesive mounts, useful for attaching to boards, helmets, and more.

Dash Mount

When traveling in your car, you can even use the FLIR FX as a dashboard cam using the optional Dash Mount. The Dash Mount includes a suction cup for attaching to a windshield, a USB cable, and a car charger to keep the camera powered for long trips. When attached to the Dash Mount, the FLIR FX uses its internal accelerometer to provide a wide range of intelligent driving-specific features. Additionally, the still image capture button is re-mapped to provide an emergency 50-second record feature.

If you’re looking for a versatile home security camera with wireless monitoring and the ability to adapter to a variety of different environments and applications, then the FLIR FX might be just what you’re looking for.