Hands-On Review: the JVC GC-PX100 Full HD Everio Camcorder

The JVC GC-PX100 enters the camcorder market at a unique position: It's capable of shooting high frame rates that are unavailable at any level except the highest end (i.e: Phantom models). Now, once you go past 60 fps, you're no longer able to shoot at 1920 x 1080, but even at reduced resolutions, you can't beat 600 frames per second for tasks such as analyzing a pitcher's delivery or a golf or baseball swing.

Kelby Media's Mia McCormick reviews the JVC PX100 and lauds it for its ability to not only record those blazing-fast frame rates, but perhaps more impressively, to play them back immediately, without needing first to pull recorded material into an editing program. That instant slow-motion playback will make a lot of coaches smile. Apart from its flagship slo-mo feature, the PX100 has a fixed 10x optical zoom lens with a fast maximum aperture of f/1.2, and it records to a very high maximum bit rate of 36 Mb/s. Low-light performance is another strength of this camcorder.


buenas noches una consulta en la camara JVC AGPX100 

Hi Richard - 

I am sorry Richard.  This camera is discontinued and is no longer available.  

Por favor comuniquese con nosotros por e-mail si tiene otras preguntas: [email protected]

Is there a difference between the model listed as JVC GC-PX100 and JVC GC-PX100B

Hi Aaron -

Both model numbers refer to the same camera.  JVC uses GC-PX100BUS.

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Thanks, I am looking at this on Amazon. They have one listed with a b and another with out the b. I thought one might be a European model, like with DSLR's. Example cannon t3i is also the 600. I do a lot of legal work. For some reason JVC is one of the only camera brands that does not make it a hard time recording with Time and date stamps.

Hi, I am hoping to  purchasing a new video camera.  I like and have read the reviews for the GC PX100 JVC, but have also come across model GX PX100 JVC video camera.........both these models look the same, but can you tell me what the difference is please?Cheers  from Kit.

The GX-PX100 and GC-PX100 would be the exact same camera.  GX-P100 was a misprint of the GC-PX100’s name on another site, but they were referring to the GC-PX100. 

I own the JVC PX100 and was wondering what the best settings are to get the "cinematic look" that you discussed in the video.

Just wanted say that Mia McCormick reviews on the JVC PX100 , was really good .

I was glad hear the honest opinion on the high speed resolution capabilites of this camera

so I did not run into any unexpected surprises with this camera .

how ever I did purchase the camera because of everything else this camera had to offer .

I'am very please and happy with it and love body still and layout of its features .

Thanks .