Make Life Easier with the EverFocus IP Sidekick Multi-Purpose Configuration Tool


The CCTV surveillance system industry is an area of the consumer electronics world that doesn’t seem popular, but the reality is that CCTV surveillance systems are ubiquitous in every Twenty-First Century metropolis. I live in New York City and pass hundreds of these cameras every day. They’re in apartment buildings, office buildings, elevators, private homes, public transportation, stores, public parks, etc.


For EverFocus, this is great news. EverFocus is an industry leader specializing in research and development, manufacturing, service, and marketing of CCTV surveillance systems, cameras, and digital image processing equipment. As the company’s cameras and CCTV systems have grown increasingly more ingenious, impressive and technologically advanced, it has also grown more consumer friendly. This may seem like a conflicting statement, but the company’s dedication to Wi-Fi connectivity, compatibility with Smart mobile devices, and user-friendly installation tools has made these more advanced CCTV surveillance systems and cameras much easier to install and use.


The latest Smart system set-up tool from EverFocus is the compact and lightweight ESK 1000 IP Sidekick Plug & Play Configuration Tool for IP camera installation, which works in concert with the EverFocus EF Sidekick app, available for iOS and Android mobile devices. The IP Sidekick was developed to streamline the connection and installation process for both industry installation professionals and the average consumer installing their first CCTV surveillance system. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a major bank, a high-end jewelry store, or a tiny pizza shop―security and convenience are important to us all.

The IP Sidekick is a clever multi-purpose utility tool that promises to deliver auspicious installation conditions. It consists of two major tools in one lightweight, mobile package. It has a Wi-Fi router for adjusting IP camera viewing angles and focus. It also features a high-capacity PoE (Power over Ethernet) power supply that facilitates faster IP camera-to-network installation. In the past, installing your IP cameras involved a variety of headache-inducing steps. Pre-configuring your cameras with the system IP address was one of these hassles. Another pain in the past involved the slow process of remotely trying to focus and position the camera at just the right angle in the field, while simultaneously being tethered to an external monitor in an office somewhere.


With the IP Sidekick, you can now eliminate both of these hassles. First, you can automatically configure each of your CCTV surveillance system’s IP cameras with the proper IP address―right on the spot―simply by connecting the IP Sidekick to your IP camera using its integrated, high-capacity PoE 30-watt output. Plus, if your CCTV surveillance system is outfitted with DC-powered IP cameras, instead of PoE IP cameras, the IP Sidekick features a 12-volt / 1.5-amp DC power output, as well. All you have to do is connect the IP camera’s DC power cable to the IP Sidekick’s DC power output. This problem-solving foresight and multi-purpose design vision is what makes the IP Sidekick such a useful installation tool.

The device’s built-in Wi-Fi module, which includes a DHCP server, is the other major innovation built into this mobile CCTV surveillance system toolbox. It allows the IP Sidekick to be wirelessly connected to your network, while also facilitating Wi-Fi connectivity to your mobile device. This means that you no longer have to connect an additional computer monitor or laptop display to your network in order to focus and aim your IP cameras in the right direction at just the right angle.


Now, all you need to effectively focus and adjust your IP cameras’ viewing angles is the IP Sidekick and a mobile device with the EverFocus EF Sidekick mobile app. You can download it for free right onto your smartphone or tablet. The app is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. It’s also worth noting that I had a chance to check out the EF Sidekick mobile app’s GUI (graphic user interface) with my iPhone and my iPad mini, and I can happily report that EverFocus has designed a user-friendly app that is very easy to navigate, thanks to its intuitive design.

Once you have the free mobile application installed on your mobile device and you’ve assigned an IP address to your IP cameras, you can check the live view on each of your surveillance system’s IP cameras right in the field on your smartphone or tablet display without having to connect an additional monitor. If any adjustments need to be made, the EF Sidekick app has built-in controls so you can adjust the focus and viewing angle of each IP camera right from your mobile device, all while you’re looking at the camera’s live feed in front of you on your mobile device. There is no more going back and forth between the office or home monitor and the IP cameras in the field to make all the little physical adjustments to your surveillance system’s IP cameras.

Although all the above points and features are selling points enough, EverFocus packed the IP Sidekick with all the little extra bells and whistles to make sure your mobile toolbox will make your life as easy as possible. For instance, there’s an additional 5-volt / 1-amp USB power output, which you can use to charge your smartphone or tablet without having to take a break while your mobile device is tethered to an outlet recharging. For power, EverFocus packs four rechargeable 2950mA lithium batteries (18650 type) into each unit to ensure longevity in the field between charges. EverFocus claims up to five hours of run time when using PoE power for your IP cameras, although I haven’t tested this myself.


The device’s other features include built-in protection from overcharging, over-discharging, short-circuiting, overheating, and excessive power load. It also has integrated LED charging and power indicators. The device’s charging indicator features a red charging indicator and a green “full charge” indicator. For the IP Sidekick’s battery level monitoring, EverFocus included an LED indicator that provides 100% down to 0% battery power indication in increments of 20%. There is a PoE power supply indicator as well. EverFocus even includes a durable shoulder strap and carrying pouch with each unit.


There’s no doubt that the IP Sidekick is a cleverly designed, multi-purpose mobile tool you can throw over your shoulder and put to task in a quick and hassle-free IP camera installation process. Don’t forget… saving time also means saving money. For more information on the IP Sidekick, please stop by the B&H SuperStore in Manhattan or visit us on the web by logging onto the B&H website. You can also direct any questions you might have to a professional sales associate or tech specialist. Both are available over the phone at 1-800-606-6969 or via the B&H Live Chat system.

Wi-Fi Yes
Power Supply 4 x 2950mA Lithium Batteries (18650 Type)
Power Input DC 19V / 3.16A
Power Output PoE (30W) max
DC (12V / 1.5A)
USB (5V / 1A)
Protection Overcharge
Excessive Load
Power / Capacity Inidicators Charging Indicator (Green: Full / Red: Charging)
Battery Power Indicator ( Green Levels: 100% - 80% - 60% - 40% - 20% and below)
PoE Power Supply Indicator (Green)
Operating Temperature 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
Certificates CE, FCC
Dimensions 3 x 1 x 6.1" (76 x 25 x 156 mm)
Weight 1.2 lb (550 g)


Hello, Can you use any Brand of IP cameras with the EverFocus Sidekick or does it only work with EverFocus Cameras, My company is currently using WatchNet IP Cameras only at the moment, I'm just finishing a apt complex, 16 WatchNet IP cameras, very spread out locations, this tool will be a savior if it will work with WatchNet or any other Brand of IP cameras???

Hi Mario -

It works with EverFocus cameras as well as many other quality brands. Everfocus has not tested the Sidekick with every camera, so there may be some that are not fully compatible.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:  [email protected]