The New HD170 Stealth Action Camera


The new HD170 Stealth shares many features and similarities with the original HD170 model, but there's a lot more to it besides its new, black "stealthy" color. The Stealth comes with a new chip that enables you to shoot 60 fps video (which is ideal for slow motion), as well as 25 and 50 fps for European thrill seekers. It's a sweet, low-profile HD camera that you can strap on to capture the ride of your life.

Can you really share what it feels like to launch a big air while flying down the side of a mountain at insane speeds? Shooting it at full 1080p high-definition video is about as close as you can get to bringing this sensation to your living room. You can then post your video on the Internet to share it with the world, or even relive the moment yourself seconds afterward by watching the playback on the HD170 Stealth's built-in, 1.5-inch color screen. That's called extreme instant gratification.

A new chip on the HD170 Stealth enables you to capture high-speed action at 60 frames per second at 720p. This will yield a professional looking moving image that can be slowed down to show every dramatic detail as it unfolds in slo-mo. This is an absolutely essential feature for capturing fast-paced motion in video.

But how are you supposed to operate a camera that's attached to the side or top of your head? The HD170 Stealth comes with an easy-to-use wireless remote control that you can wear around your wrist. The remote has a 5-meter range, so you can get creative with camera placement, like mounting it on the tip of the wing of a hang glider. With the built-in speaker enabled, you press RECORD on the remote, the HD170 Stealth will beep so you know it's recording, and away you go!

You'll have lots of options for where you can place this camera because it comes with a small army of mounting accessories. You can mount it to the handle bars of a bicycle or motorcycle. A special mount is included to attach the HD170 Stealth to snow goggles. An included head strap, helmet grip and a universal clip will cover just about everything else.

The HD170 Stealth with its simple-to-use two button wireless remote

Since you can mount the camera vertically on the side of your goggles, or horizontally on the top of your head, you need a way to orient the camera so that you don't end up with video footage that's turned sideways. This is where the rotating lens feature comes into play. No matter at what angle the camera is mounted, you can swivel the lens on the front so you can be confident that your video will be level.

The wide-angle lens on the HD170 is ideal for capturing sports, nature and fast-paced action. Its name is derived from its 170° field of view. There is no need to focus, and navigating the menus couldn't be easier. A Night mode is available for shooting video in low light. The HD170 Stealth can shoot 5-megapixel stills too. When in Photo mode, you can take a picture anytime by pressing RECORD on the remote. There's even a time-lapse feature, so after a fun day of action sports you can record an awesome-looking time lapse sequence of the sun going down.

Everything that made the original HD170 appealing is present in the HD170 Stealth. The 1.5-inch color display, wireless remote, built-in speaker and mic, the optional external HDMI stereo mic input, HDMI output, 0.5m waterproof body, USB rechargeable battery and the SD card slot (comaptible with 32GB cards) are all here. The new and improved chip makes it possible to record video at 25, 30, 50 and 60 fps in 720p, or at 25, 30 fps in 1080p.

Whether you're capturing tactical military maneuvers or trying to nail a goofy-footed 180-degree nosegrab airwalk, the HD170 Stealth is an awesome way to bring your experiences to the big screen. Thanks for checking out this B&H Insights article. If you have any questions or comments about action video cameras, we'd love to hear them in the Comments section below!