The Petrol Inflatable Airline Bag


Traveling with precision camera tools has long been a game of seeing how far one can press airport limits without pushing one-button-too-many of the person behind the ticket counter. Ever tighter carry-on allowances and skyrocketing checked baggage fees have made matters worse. And do you really want to wave bye-bye to your precious gear as it's carted off to a version of Samsonite hell?

Professional video recorders, small as they've become over the years, still push the limits of qualifying as carry-on items. And that's without a padded travel case. With a padded travel case… forget about it. On the other hand, a novel (and legal) solution for maintaining the safety of your carry-on gear, while maintaining a decent level of physical protection is the Petrol Inflatable Airline Bag.

Consisting of a water-resistant Cordura and ballistic nylon exterior and an inflatable internal liner, the Petrol Inflatable Airline Bag fits snugly around a full size, broadcast-quality video camera, viewfinder and lens system. Once aboard your flight, you inflate the inner lining, which eliminates the need to surround your camera with blankets and pillows in order to protect your precious cargo from getting damaged by other people's belongings in the overstuffed—I mean overhead bins.

The Petrol Inflatable Airline Bag is designed for in-cabin protection only and should not be used as a protective case for checked baggage.

The inflatable lining, which is replaceable if damaged, inflates through a coiled tube that tucks away in a side pouch when not in use. Dual glide zippers allow you to poke around inside the bag from either corner, and dual straps with an overlapping grip allow for a firm grip on things when moving about.

Although primarily designed for use with full-sized broadcast video recorders, the Petrol Inflatable Airline Bag can also be used as a protective travel pouch for other types of shock-sensitive equipment that can fit within the confines of a 25.2 x 11.8 x 11.4" enclosure. When not in use, the Petrol Inflatable Airline Bag folds down to 13.8 x 9.4 x 5.7", weighs 3.3 lb, and fits into an included pouch.