Video / Hands-on Review

Quick Look: DJI Osmo Mobile


In this video, Alan Lugo, from B&H Photo, demos the brand new DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphones. Targeted at the Vlogger community, but with obvious wide-ranging applications, you use the Osmo with your iPhone or Android device. The Osmo provides incredible stabilization technology to shoot smooth video, create complex hyper-lapses, and even take high-quality selfies. The DJI Osmo Mobile can also track a subject and perform cinematic time-lapse movements.


What's the maximum load can this gimbal handle in gram and/or oz.?

As this is designed for phones, ideally no heavier than 10oz. 

Will the Osmo application allow my iphone 7+ to utilize other 3rd party video apps, like FilmicPro v5.4? Or, are you limited to to the native iphone video capabilities and the video capability provided within the Osmo app? Thanks.  

Hi Brad -

This product has not been tested with or recommended to be used with 3rd party applications.

Question: DJI Osmo Mobile Gimble is only for iphone ?

Hi Sanjiv - 

The DJI GOapp is now available for iOS and Android devices.  The OSMO Mobile itself accommodates smart phones with Width Ranges from: 2.31 to 3.34" / 58.6 to 84.8 mm