Review: The Zacuto FS700 Shooter Rig and Grip Relocator

Zacuto has emerged as an influential manufacturer of camera support rigs and other filmmaking accessories. Their extensive product line has something for just about any camera, from the RED EPIC to the iPhone. Today we’ll take a look at a rig that Zacuto has designed specifically for Sony’s NEX-FS700U, a Super 35mm camera capable of high frame rate video and—pending a future upgrade—4K recording.

The FS700 Shooter from Zacuto is a shoulder mount, camera support rig based on industry standard 15mm rods and components. The centerpiece of this rig is Zacuto’s Mini Baseplate, which enables horizontal and vertical adjustments. It’s a shorter, more compact version of the Universal Baseplate and it allows the base to slide further back, so the rear half of the camera hovers over the in-line shoulder pad.

The FS700 Grip Relocator is another key component. The NEX-FS700U has a removable hand grip, which features a number of controls, including a zoom lever, an expanded focus button, an iris push auto button and a shutter trigger button for still photos. The grip attaches to the camera or Zacuto’s Grip Relocator via an industry standard, ARRI-style rosette. In addition to the rosette, the Grip Relocator utilizes Zacuto’s Zwivel technology, which enables users to further adjust the grip’s positioning. The Grip Relocator’s integrated rod clamp allows the grip to be mounted on any 15mm rod. Of course, the ARRI-style rosette is a widely popular interface; so, despite its name, the FS700 Grip Relocator is also suitable for “relocating” anything that happens to use an Arri-style rosette.

As with any camera support rig based on standard 15mm rods, the FS700 Shooter is customizable with a virtually limitless array of components. A Zacuto Z-ERM EVF Rod Mount and Kickstand are recommended. This pairing not only allows users to mount a Z-Finder and EVF, it also lends the rig a more stable footing. Components that come standard with the Shooter rig include the Mini Baseplate, an in-line shoulder pad, a pair of 12” 15mm rods, a 7-lb Z-LTE Double counterbalance weight and the FS700 Grip Relocator.

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Any reason this two items wouldn't work with a Sony FS-100?

Wanted to ask the same question. I ouldn´t find any info on FS-100 compatibility at the Zacuto site.
Would be good to know.

It should work fine.  The only potential issue may be the need for a riser plate to compensate for the difference in space between the lens and camera base with the FS100 and slightly larger FS700. The Zacuto Z-SPCR is a spacer mount used with the Z-Focus and DSLR kits. It raises the camera to work with matte boxes so the lens mount is in the correct position over the rods.

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