Who Knew? Hush Heels Afford Silence on the Set


Sometimes the absence of sound is more important than sound itself. That’s the reasoning behind Hush Heels, adhesive-backed foam pads that everyone from a camera assistant pushing a dolly to a ninja-in-training will find helpful in suppressing self-inflicted distractions. Sure, aberrant creaks and squeaks from actors strutting across the stage or technicians striving too hard to be invisible can be edited in post (assuming it’s not a live show), but why create audible blemishes in the first place if you can nip a noise in the bud—or, more precisely, in the shoe?

A package of Garfield Hush Heels contains 10 pre-cut sheets of 1/8-inch, noise suppressing neoprene closed-cell foam with sticky backing. There are 24 pieces on each sheet. Hence, one package includes enough Hush Heels to squelch the tapping of every on-stage member of the Rockettes six times over.

Hush Heels aren’t just for happy feet. Suppose props make too much clatter as when, for example, George and Martha clank their cocktail glasses on a table causing a microphone to pop. Wouldn’t the director have preferred a softer touchdown? Before they retake the scene, it makes sense to fasten Hush Heels to the bottoms of their noisy drinks.