Adobe Premiere Pro CC Updates


For NAB, Adobe has announced a number of significant updates to its Creative Cloud video post-production applications.

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The most significant new feature for CC of note for video editors is the increased availability of After Effects features directly from Premiere Pro. You no longer have to leave the application to accomplish many frequently used effects and compositing tasks. One such feature is Live Text. Live Text lets you modify text-based effects created in After Effects directly from the Premiere canvas. While editing, all animations and effects from After Effects remain in place, with only unlocked text fields being edited.

Another effects feature brought over is the ability to create masks and track them, allowing you to, for example, blur out a license plate on a moving vehicle. Feathering and other basic parameter adjustments can be made immediately in Premiere. And for those cases where greater finesse is required, one can always jump over to After Effects for access to a full suite of tools, just as before.

The other major updates come in the form of expanded support for ultra-high-resolution (5K and beyond) media and enhancements to Premiere's RAW workflow. This includes enhanced CinemaDNG support from the timeline, which applies to acquisition devices including the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and the Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q recorder. It also includes the addition of support for the ARRI AMIRA camera, with LUTs being applied on ingest were applicable. The RED workflow also sees improvements, with the ability to debayer RED RAW files when using a compatible graphics card for real-time playback, in some cases at full resolution.

As a time-saver, Premiere introduces the Master Clip Effects feature. With this enabled, a global effect can now be applied to a bunch of clips simply by making a single update at the Master Clip level.


I would like to see in a tutorial or presentation video demostration

Is there support for bluray in this version or do they continue to throw us under the bus?