New Google Clips Lets You Enjoy the Moment Now and Forever


Our lives are filled with moments we want to preserve—from backyard bacchanals and celebratory soirees to baby showers, bar mitzvahs, and everything in between. But regardless of occasion, the dilemma we often face is whether to enjoy the moment first-hand or grab our camera so we can capture it forever. Today, we no longer have to make that choice.

Introducing Google Clips, an AI-backed, pocket-sized shooter that automatically captures the world around you so that you can live in the moment and re-live it later.

This double-entendre device clips onto a product or person and, once activated, proceeds to capture short motion clips of family and friends. It’s more than just a body camera, however—much more. Thanks to built-in machine learning, the Clips can identify who, what, and when to shoot, enabling it to recognize and record the best moments from any event all on its own.

Supporting the Clips’ Skynet-like brain is a spy-worthy sensor that features a 130-degree field of view, f/2.4 aperture, and 1.55µm pixel size. Autofocus and a nighttime mode are built in, allowing Clips to get the perfect shot even in low-light conditions.

Despite its name, the Clips’ footage isn’t strictly relegated to motion photos. Using the free companion app, you can also extract hi-res images from any footage the Clips records, so not only do you get motion photos, but also beautiful stills of all your favorite moments.

In case life takes you outside or into the elements, the Clips is built tough and certified IPX4 water resistant, so even if the event gets rain-delayed, your footage won’t. Its battery lasts three hours on a full charge, which should be long enough to outlast even the windiest toast or best-man speech.

In terms of storage, the Clips comes with 16GB of built-in memory and is both Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-ready for when you want to securely transfer files to your phone or smart device. As an added bonus for Pixel owners, free unlimited storage Google Clips’ footage is available.

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Do we know the price range for this little beauty?

When are these going to be available?

Hi Harrison - 

All Google will say is that "It is coming soon".  As soon as we know more we will post it on our website.