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Announcing the SlingStudio Multi-Camera Production Tool


The B&H SuperStore is pleased to announce the introduction of the SlingStudio, a portable, wireless, multi-camera production tool. Created by DISH, the makers of the popular Sling TV streaming device, the SlingStudio combines the functions of a switcher, recorder, and monitor with the ability to live-stream content to YouTube and Facebook Live. The SlingStudio offers support for four sources at rates up to 1080p30 or 1080p60 for two sources. Multi-view monitoring is offered via the SlingStudio Console application for the iPad (iPad Air 2 and later are supported), and there is an HDMI out port on the Hub for connecting to an external monitor. You have the option of recording all files or individual file streams, including your live edit, to one SD card or to an external USB 3.0 drive using the USB-C Expander. Designed for the professional and semi-pro market, the SlingStudio is easy enough to use, and priced such that it is also suitable for many ordinary consumers, houses of worship, high school sports programs, bloggers, etc.

SlingStudio USB-C Expander

The heart of the SlingStudio system is the SlingStudio Hub, gathering your video sources, feeding them to the console control panel for monitoring and switching, and then live-streaming and/or recording your output. The two Wi-Fi hotspots generated by the Hub link to your input sources and to the Console control app while also connecting to the Web to broadcast your live video. If you are live-streaming and not confident of your location’s Wi-Fi capabilities, you can add an ISP Wi-Fi hotspot to boost your streaming speed. The streaming versatility of the SlingStudio enables you to upload at a different (usually lower) rate than the rate at which you are recording; you’re not hindered by a low upload speed. 

SlingStudio Hub: Front and Back

A master clock in the Hub slaves any CameraLinks you’re using, so there are no out-of-sync problems with audio. If your project or venue has mixed audio, connect that to the line-in port in the Hub, and mute the audio inputs from your cameras, if so desired. Besides linking to USB 3.0 hard drives for recording, the USB-C Expander may be used to import graphics and other multimedia files with a future firmware update. It can also broadcast content when cabled to a high-speed gigabit Ethernet system.

SlingStudio CameraLink: Front and Back

Connect each of your cameras to the Hub using a compact, lightweight CameraLink unit. Smartphones may be linked without a CamLink; simply download the SlingStudio Capture App to link video from your phone to the Hub. The smartphone app is available in Apple and Android versions. Connect one CameraLink unit to each camera you’re using via an HDMI connection; the CameraLinks essentially convert the cameras into wireless WiFi video transmitters. You can connect one HDMI source directly to the SlingStudio main unit via cable, meaning you have the capability of dual-camera switching using only one CamLink. The SlingStudio works with four inputs at a time, but the Hub can recognize up to ten sources provided you have a CameraLink for each camera. You can also include audience or performer POVs as project inputs once they download the Capture app to their smartphone.

The SlingStudio Console control panel app is currently available for Apple iPads. The Console provides quad-viewing, preview and program windows, and switching and editing functions. Double-tap and drag functions are available for quick, comfortable switching, and you can even add graphics and lower-thirds to your video output. There will be approximately 1.5-seconds of latency when viewing your camera inputs on the control panel. While minimal latency is preferred for large-screen live viewing in place during concerts and like events, it can come in handy when streaming or capturing “live to tape.” For sporting events, it gives you that split second to switch to the best camera angle to highlight the basket, net, goalpost, or other area of action. For concerts, performances, or other events, you’ll have time to review an audience member or participant’s POV for framing, flares, other camera parameters, or for inappropriate content, etc., before switching to their input.

After you’ve captured your event in all its glory, the SlingStudio Extension for Adobe Premiere or Apple FinalCut Pro can be used in post-production. This software is a timesaver, enabling you to drop multi-camera SlingStudio files into your timeline for automatic organization.

SlingStudio External Hub Battery

In keeping with the SlingStudio’s focus on portability, versatile power options are available for both the SlingStudio Hub and the CameraLinks. The external Hub battery can be used in situations that call for maximum flexibility or when AC power isn’t readily available. The CamLinks last up to three hours when fully charged or they can run on their USB-compatible power supplies when AC power is close by.

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