Are You Ready for Teradek’s New Bolt 4K LT Wireless Video Systems?


Here at B&H Photo, we're happy to share the exciting news from Teradek about the release of its new 4K wireless system, the Bolt 4K LT, which brings reliable 4K video transmission and a robust infrastructure within the grasp of the independent filmmaker. The Bolt 4K LT is a 3G-SDI/HDMI transmitter/receiver system that features zero transmission delay (less than one thousandth of a second), while supporting 10-bit 3G-SDI, 4K over HDMI, HDR, and video. It is cross-compatible with the Teradek Bolt 4K and Bolt 4K Max systems, providing you with a full-featured, though less expensive system that can wirelessly stream 4K video and be used on small production, as well as seamlessly fitting in on larger productions. Each transmitter can pair to up to 6 receivers, and the system supports AES-256 encryption with RSA 1024 key pairing to keep your video secure and safe from interlopers.

The Bolt 4K LT systems feature a 50% range boost over the previous generation Bolt systems, which is reflected in their names, the 4K LT 750 capable of 750' of transmission/reception, and the 4K LT 1500 supporting up to a 1500' range.

These items include:

The Bolt 4K LT 1500 system is also available as separate or bundled items, such as:

In addition to the  variety of transmitters, receivers, and systems available, Teradek is also releasing the Bolt 4K Monitor Module, which is an add-on receiver that integrates with the SmallHD Cine 7  and Cine 702 Touch monitors, creating a single wireless receiver/monitor system that is handy as a director's monitor. A bundle of the Cine 7 monitor with either a Gold or V-mount battery plate is also available.

Teradek, well known for its attention to detail, has made setting up a system easy, with the Bolt iOS app on your smartphone, connecting to the system via Bluetooth. The app pairs with your system in two seconds, and provides a spectrum analyzer, so you can see which wireless frequencies will be best for use at that location. The app also allows you to select your wireless channels manually, and it allows you to adjust your video output settings. The Bolt 4K LT system is available in a variety of configurations in the 750' and 1500' range. The release of the new Bolt 4K LT systems may make now the perfect time to take advantage of the innovations that Teradek brings to wireless 4K video for production.

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