CES 2014: A Look at the DJI S1000 Multi-Rotor Drone [VIDEO]


In this video, Mia McCormick, from the Kelby Media Group, takes a look at the new DJI S1000, an eight-rotor drone that features a gimbal that was specifically designed for the Canon 5D Mark III.

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Drone un equipo extraordinario

being chinese, I can say this with certian views/aspect.  Chinese has a large threshold when it comes to manufacturing.  The threshold all parts of the manufacturing product life cycle, from raw materials to final boxing, or QA of product. (though all countries have this issue). 

Sadly, the threshold from bad to good is so large depending on politics and bribery of each part of the cycle.. take medicine, or fake rolex, or everything that is known to be a sham.

Unfortunately, DJI has good intentions, but the environment is a culture for inconsistant product so, I can see and relate to both comments.

Some times you get great items at such great prices, but as soon as the price is driven down low by the mass flux of inventory or the change in market demands to inventory, the need to lower price/labor and raise production ends up presenting the bad fluxuation of raw materials to good help, and QA consistancy.

I have had the lucky adventure to getting a few (6) S800, and many (20) phantoms and I can say that the quaility fluctuate greatly from electronics to basic things like stickers/colors/schemes.  These all lead to what they call different versions of the productions so it is not considered a flaw or a issue, but a potential version change.  Just hope you get the better unit when you do order direct from China's source.  Some of the local retailers are going over and beyond to support customers due to these fluctuation in quality.

Dear DJI and Future Customers of the S-1000

Here is a warning.     We recently purchased a DJI S-1000 with folding booms as a feature.   The RED PLASTIC BOOM LOCKS are FAULTY.   They snap.   These parts are made from cheap styrene plastic.  Not only to they snap in the air but they can snap on landing.    We now have a 15K boat anchor.   We have sent emails to DJI with no response.   Being here in Los Angeles we took the next course of action.   We went to the service center in which we were greeted with angst and shock and 100% lack  lack of service.   The rep looked like he just rolled out of bed and could not be bothered and told me they don't stock ANY PARTS and that I needed to send the entire S-1000 back to CHINA.  Really?   He asked who sent you , who gave you an RMA.   We have a 2500.00 job this week that needs to be canceled because DJI sells faulty " Professional  Gear"  We have 40 yrs in RC and have never had  such a poor experience.   The rep was not even remotely willing to help.   My next plan after this is to show up at NAB with rig in hand for everybody to see.   Dealers , production companies , distributors and the list can go on.   PLEASE see attached photos.   BE ADVISED if these boom locks snap in flight you will end up with a catastrophic disaster and if you injure  somebody lawsuits , loss of wages.  DO NOT buy this product until there are parts readily available.    Yes there are 4 spares in the box because I am sure DJI is aware of the problem.   They are all broken and NO there were no crashes resulting in broken parts

I have done over 20 flights so far with the S1000.

Not one of those RED boom locks has broken. So far I have had zero issues and are very happy with the quality.

I would like to buy this.