CES 2015: New Sony HD Handycam Camcorders


Just released at CES 2015, four Sony Handycam camcorders bring updates and new features to the Handycam lineup. The HDR-CX405, which is positioned to replace the HDR-CX240, delivers a longer zoom, optical image stabilization, and adds the XAVC S codec that allows you to record at 50 Mb/s. The HDR-CX440 and HDR-PJ440 add 8GB of internal storage and Wi-Fi with NFC capability. The Wi-Fi also enables both live streaming from the camera and Sony’s Multi Camera Control, which allows you to simultaneously Start/Stop and control the zoom of multiple cameras. The HDR-PJ440 features a 13-lumen projector built into the flip-out LCD door, so you can get a large view of your footage without lugging around a monitor. The projector is the only difference between the HDR-CX440 and the HDR-PJ440, so you have options depending on how important having a built-in projector is to you. Sony’s HDR-PJ670  features a 1/5.8" sensor, larger 3.0" higher-resolution LCD view screen, 32GB of internal memory, and a 25-lumen projector for viewing your footage. Its 24/25p recording capability, in addition to 30/50/60p and manual iris/shutter speed control, raise the PJ670 above the consumer Handycam class of camcorder.


For all sony camcorder, if want to import recordings to fcp for editing, you can use UFUSoft avchd converter to decode and encode the files to prores mov for fcp.


Thank you for your emails that keep us informed about your products, the coming new products and the great prices that you offer.

We look forward to your future emails and about learning when these camcorders will be in stock.

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Hi bhonde, we will be updating the information on these cameras as Sony makes more information available. Unfortunately it takes time to make sure the available information is accurate.

This looks good.  Please let me know when in stock.

The only one of these Handycams that we have an ETA for at this time is the HDR-PJ670.  We anticipate receiving this from Sony in Mid February 2015.  If you haven't already, you could choose the Notify When in Stock option on any of these Handycams page’s on our website.  We would then send you an email when they came into stock.

Thanks for the heads-up. The post has been updated.