CES 2017: Amimon Announces Falcore Racing Quadcopter


Amimon has unveiled the Falcore FPV Racing Quad, a beginner-friendly drone meant to bridge the gap between amateur pilots and pros. Unlike other high-speed flyers, the Falcore features two flight modes—Shield and Acro—which enable pilots to toggle between “beginner” and “advanced” skill levels. When Shield Mode is enabled, the Falcore automatically maintains flight altitude, allowing new pilots to experience high-flying speeds without the same risk of crash. Once Shield Mode is mastered, pilots can then switch to Acro to remove the training wheels and join the ranks of the pros.

The system is designed to work around Amimon’s CONNEX ProSight HD FPV video solution. The kit version of the Falcore features the camera, transmitter, and receiver, while the DIY version includes the camera and transmitter (air unit) only.

Falcore sports a uniquely designed carbon fiber chassis that offers enhanced strength and protection, as well as easy access to electronic components and quick maintenance solutions. The Falcore’s design also focuses on increasing the craft’s effective thrust, which translates to speeds up to 80 mph. Its RC transmitter features easy-to-use, single-stick controls and added safety contingencies, such as a Stop & Land button, for getting pilots out of trouble. This combination of innovative aerodynamic design and beginner-ready controls means that pilots of any skill set can now fly like a pro.   

The Falcore is available in RTF and DIY kits.


Looks like a flying brick, sorry but I'll have to give it zero street credit

I won't be ordering anything without a price and I won't be searching for prices either. The old psychology methods need to change. They're just a turn off. 

If you click on the DIY or Kit link, it shows you the price, 499 & 799 respectively.