CES 2018: DJI Unveils Osmo Mobile 2 with 15-Hour Run Time


Just in time for CES 2018, DJI has announced the follow-up to its enormously successful Osmo Mobile, the Osmo Mobile 2. At first glance, the design and functionality of the new Osmo appears to mirror the original—with just a few tweaks. Device renderings show that the rosette mount and rear trigger are gone, replaced by a toggle switch that appears to assume some of the functions of the missing trigger. However, the real story is the new Osmo’s massive battery upgrade, which more than triples the run time of the original—up from 4.5 hours to a very satisfying 15. Other specs received an uptick, as well (the mechanical and controllable range both got incremental boosts), but the highlight remains the new battery, which looks to make hot-swapping a thing of the past.

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