CES 2018: GoPro Unveils Fusion 360-Degree Camera


Two years after GoPro CEO Nick Woodman first teased us with the possibility of a consumer-level spherical camera coming to market, the GoPro Fusion has finally arrived and appears to be well worth the wait.

Already recognized as an Innovation Award Honoree at this year's CES 2018, the acclaimed Fusion includes many of the same features you'd expect to find in a more pro-level rig, only it comes in a smaller size and with a much less complicated setup. For reference, imagine a beefier HERO6 Black that also shoots VR.

Part of what makes Fusion such an impressive device is owed to its design: dual offset cameras capable of shooting stabilized 5.2K30 video and capturing 18MP stills, a multi-mic setup for recording 360-degree sound, a full complement of radios and sensors (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.) and more. It's waterproof, GoPro-mount compatible, supports fast charging, and so on.      

But Fusion is much more than just a collection of impressive specs. In fact, over on the software side is where the camera truly shines, thanks to an intuitive desktop editor and powerful companion application. With these tools, you can stitch, save, edit, and share all your spherical content with relative ease. Multiple modes and presets support the editing software, including the much-touted OverCapture mode, which lets you punch out individual shots from your spherical content and reframe them to traditional video—basically, you record everything at once, then use OverCapture to choose your shots and angles and direct the story you want. Innovative, indeed.

To go along with Fusion's debut, GoPro released plenty of accessories and replacements, including a carrying case, grip, mounts, back-up battery, and spare door, should you need one. The accessories, along with new GoPro Fusion, are available for order now at B&H Photo.

What are your thoughts on the new GoPro Fusion? Is spherical video something you're interested in? Does the ability to shoot both spherical and traditional content with one camera make you more likely to try out a device like Fusion? Sound off in the Comments section, below.


This thing has been out for a while. Why are you just now recognizing it?

Because it’s new. The newest thing since new companies newly announced all their new stuff.