CES 2018: MOZA Announces AirCross 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for Mirrorless Cameras


Just announced at CES 2018, the MOZA AirCross 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer features 12-hour battery life and is designed to provide direct power to Panasonic and Sony mirrorless cameras. It offers a DC output that lets you share the gimbal's battery with these cameras via optional dummy batteries (available from the camera manufacturers or third parties). This capability resolves the issue of short battery life in many of these cameras and allows you to shoot for extended periods, including extended time-lapse sequences. Moreover, the MOZA AirCross also provides a DC input on the handgrip for connecting third-party power banks for even further extending run time. The AirCross supports up to 4-lb loads.

Another outstanding feature of the MOZA AirCross is a quick-release camera-mounting system. While many gimbal stabilizers don't even have a quick-release system, the MOZA AirCross offers a universal one compatible with Manfrotto 501PL and Arca-Swiss plates (and a camera plate comes included). This way, you'll be able to move your camera between the gimbal and other gear on the set quickly and conveniently.

The time-lapse feature in the MOZA AirCross is designed to let you capture detail during the daytime and nighttime. Nighttime details are normally not as easy to capture in time-lapse photography. AirCross provides a solution for this by keeping longer exposures and allowing sunrises, sunsets, night skies, and similar aspects to be more fully captured.

Some of the other key features are wireless control via the MOZA mobile app, auto-tuning of parameters based on payload, one-button re-centering of the gimbal, and mimic motion control using an optional thumb controller. This latter feature allows you to move the thumb controller remotely from the gimbal and have the gimbal mimic its movement (the thumb controller is best used attached on MOZA dual handgrips, because they enable you to mimic motion better).  

Check out the MOZA AirCross and other MOZA gear and accessories at the B&H Photo website.