CES 2018: The Ronin-S Single-Handed Stabilizer


Not content with merely upgrading its smartphone stabilizer, DJI has announced its first single-handed stabilizer for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras: the all new Ronin-S. Mirroring the form and function of the Osmo Mobile, the Ronin-S promises the same precision control and stabilized shooting for larger cameras and lenses.

Details of the Ronin S’s payload capacity aren’t currently available, but DJI assures users that the new Ronin’s high-torque motors will support “popular camera-and-lens combinations,” such as the Canon 5D, Panasonic GH, and Sony Alpha systems.

Like the Osmo, the Ronin-S features a comfortable, ergonomic body designed to facilitate smooth cinematic footage. On the body are dedicated control buttons for the camera and gimbal that let you adjust settings, start and stop the camera, and more.

DJI also loaded the Ronin-S with plenty of advanced features and settings to ensure stable, professional-grade video. Push Mode, for instance, lets you adjust the pan-and-tilt axis by hand, while features like Sport Mode allow for shooting quick movements and subject tracking.

Ronin-S is compatible with a variety of DJI and third-party accessories, as well as the Ronin app.



When is it expected to be available to ship (estimate)?

Shipping to Poland should be possible.