CES 2019: Nikon and Atomos Team up for Raw over HDMI


Nikon has made video not only a major function in its latest cameras, the manufacturer has started to introduce groundbreaking features that put it ahead of the competition. Working with famed monitor/recorder maker Atomos, Nikon is announcing future support for raw video from its Z 6 and Z 7 full-frame mirrorless cameras. This is a first because, previously, raw video required specialized video connections and expensive systems to be acquired. Now, you can get raw in an almost pocket size with the Ninja V and a simple HDMI connection from the Z Series cameras.

Three new functions are coming to Nikon's Z Series in a future firmware update: Eye AF, CFexpress support, and raw video over HDMI. Eye AF is something we have seen on many other cameras so far, and makes portraits that much easier to capture, especially with excellent subject tracking autofocus systems. CFexpress was a previously talked-about function of the XQD slot, and official support is coming. Finally, raw video will now be possible via the HDMI output and will make this one of the most affordable solutions for high-end video recording.

Atomos told us, at the Nikon booth here at CES, it is extremely excited about the partnership and expects to achieve outstanding results from Nikon's Z Series cameras. As of our talk, raw video output will certainly be reaching greater than 10-bit, and although official numbers have yet to be confirmed, Atomos seemed very confident that this setup will compete with professional cinema cameras. The company reps also hinted that some more surprises may be coming along with raw recording.

On display was a Z 6 with the perfectly sized Ninja V monitor; this is an extremely portable kit that makes it possible to record ProRes RAW. It will also be available in the Z 6 Filmmaker's Kit, along with some additional accessories that make the most of the Z 6's video skills. We should expect to see the firmware launch sometime later this year.

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