CES 2019: Under the Sea-ES


CES 2019 saw the advent of a lot of new and soon-to-be-released technologies: 5G networking, roll-able TVs, and smart products so intelligent they verge on prescient. Of those new technologies, one that we're really excited about is the burgeoning field of underwater robotics. And we're not alone. A significant amount of this year's floor space was dedicated to this exciting new segment, sending a clear signal that underwater robots, drones, and ROVs are ready to make a major splash. Here are some of the devices and vendors that really stood out.

Power Vision PowerRay

We've been talking about the PowerRay for a while now. It's the first underwater drone we ever got out hands on and remains one of our favorites. With a 4K camera, 230' tether, and live-streaming functionality, you can broadcast and record from up to 98' below the water's surface. Use it for fun, exploration, or even attach the optional fish finder to assist with your angling.


Different from ROVs, which you typically control from land, underwater scooters are piloted… well, in the water. There are a number of scooter manufacturers out there, but one of our favorites at CES was Sublue, the company behind the sleek and colorful WhiteShark Mix. Great for swimming, snorkeling, and even diving, the WhiteShark Mix allows you to glide across the water or dive down below. It even has an action-camera mount, so you can record all your underwater adventures.


Robosea has been around for a couple of years and its product line ranges from consumer-friendly devices, including its underwater scooter, the SeaFlyer, and award-winning robotic fish, BIKI, to one of the coolest things we saw at this year's CES, the ROBO-SHARK. That's right—a robotic, user-operated shark that's nearly 6' long, swims up to 10 knots, and uses a specialized multi-joint caudal fin to swim quietly. What's it for? Don't know. Why is this necessary? Couldn't say. Who wants it? Me.

What do you think about these new underwater drones and vehicles? Are you as excited about them as we are? Be sure to tell us in the Comments section. Also, can someone please buy me that shark?

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