Cinevate Hedron Camera Sliders and Accessories: Smooth Action for Heavy Loads


For video professionals looking for a slider that can handle heavy payloads while still providing smooth, precise motion, look no further than Cinevate’s new Hedron line. Available in 24, 36, 48, and 60" lengths, the sliders support up to 100 pounds and can be configured to operate vertically, horizontally, or anywhere in-between. To take the sliders to new dimensions, a series of Add-On Kits is available.

For motorized camera moves, the Moco Motion Control Add-On enables you to capture time-lapse videos, stop-motion sequences, or real-time motion shots―all with the same motor. When used with the Counterbalance & Dromos Add-On, you can attach counterbalance weights for angled or vertical motorized shots with camera rigs up to 25 lb. For added precision with manually controlled shots, the Fly-Wheel can be added, providing inertial damping for consistent and smooth movement—even at slow speeds—with smooth starts and stops.